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About us

Foodpub Venture Enterprises, LLC. is doing business as Barley Vine.

About – Barley Vine is a craft-inspired gastropub.  The term gastropub originated in England.  It is a portmanteau, meaning the joining or morphing of two words….in this case, gastronomy and pub.  Barley Vine is a pub that serves food that pairs well with craft-style beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits.

The focus and unique point of Barley Vine are that we believe in fresh, seasonal and local artisanal adult beverages and foods that complement each other.

Our primary goal is to create a sense of community in a casual setting. The experience is designed as an alternative to the traditional restaurant, tavern or sports bar.

About Barley Vine prides itself on products that will suit a wide range of consumers who are not only interested in experiencing an artisan product but who are also consciously looking for great flavors and a variety of tastes.  Barley Vine strives to complement lifestyles that value social, environmental, and economic sustainability in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.