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Materials Used in the Construction of Carpet

Choosing the best quality of the materials to use in your home is essential since it’s a necessary aspect of interior design. Materials that have been used in construction will determine its quality, the price, and durability. Most carpets are made from nylon materials, wool, or polyester.

Manufactures, designers, and sellers will help you quickly identify the best-fit carpet material for construction to satisfy your needs. The carpet materials should also match to your needs. To choose the best carpets, you need to have the knowledge and the right information. To give you more in-depth knowledge, we advised to visit Carpet Cleaning Rochester NY. 

You should have consideration of factors such as:  

  • Type of building where it will be used.
  • For how long is the carpet to be used
  • Location of the building
  • Size of the carpet
  • Performance and quality

The fibers can be classified into two classes: natural carpet fibers and human-made synthetic. The below materials are commonly used:   

  1. Wool – So far wool is the best product used in the manufacture of carpets. In the construction process, the wool mixture levels should be more than the nylon mixture. This ensures that it adds to the strength of the nylon.

Advantages of Woolen Carpets   

  • It has a soft touch giving a comfortable feeling to your feet.
  • Its tough hence lasts longer and looks beautiful on the floor.
  • It can be easily cleaned when soiled.
  • It’s fire-resistant therefore safe to use in homes.


  • Easily fades when left in direct sunlight.
  • Very sensitive to chlorine bleach. Woolen carpets are expensive and not affordable to every one since the wool fabric isn’t cheap to acquire.
  1. Nylon – Nylon made carpets are strong and durable. They are better for use in commercial buildings or in areas that experience heavy foot traffic, e.g., hospitals and offices. Nylon can be mixed with wool or used on its own. Its quiet cheaper compared to wool-made hence affordable to many people.

Advantages of Nylon Carpets  

  • They are mainly water resistant due to the nature of their material.
  • They don’t easily form molds if exposed to moisture.
  • They are comfortable and soft since they are made of smaller and thinner strands.


  • The material has low resilience.
  • Easily soils and hard to clean.
  • Since the material is synthetic, if you drop a piece of lit cigarette it will leave a hole in the area.
  1. Acrylic – From a distance, acrylic looks like wool it can be on its own or blended with other materials.


  • It is resilient; hence it can withstand foot traffic.
  • It’s warm.
  • It can be easily cleaned.


  • Unlike wool, acrylic carpets aren’t fire resistant.  
  1. Cotton – It’s mainly used in making of rugs.


  • Easily compressed.
  • Doesn’t wear out quickly.
  • It’s easy to wash hence mainly used in making of bathroom rugs. Disadvantage
  • It easily soils.
  1. Polypropylene – Carpets made of this material are easy to clean, don’t wear out quickly and aren’t easily stained. The material combination makes them durable. It doesn’t soak in water hence ideal for areas that experience high moisture. They are mainly used in miniature golf courses and around swimming pools.


  1. Polyester –  Polyester made carpets are cheaper compared to others. It’s less resilient hence not suitable for use in commercial buildings. It’s soft and waterproof. It’s also difficult to clean and isn’t durable. Its highly flammable hence should be well taken care of.


  1. Sisal – This is plant fiber It’s cheaper compared to wool, and also durable. Sisal can withstand high foot traffic and also suitable for use on stairs. The downside is that it’s not easy to clean and is uncomfortable if one is walking on bare feet.


  1. Olefin –  is a synthetic fiber. It’s comfortable, resistant to staining and durable due to its strength. Carpet made of this fiber can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s also less likely to fade when exposed to direct sunlight.

The life of a carpet and its beauty depends on its car. Proper cleaning makes a carpet look great. If you are looking for a professional to help you with your carpet problem, you can check Carpet Cleaning Service Rochester NY. You should also know when choosing the cleaning products to be used and the best methods of cleaning to be practiced. You should also locate the best carpet cleaning experts. Ensure it well vacuumed every day and deep cleaned every 12months. When being cleaned ensure you point out stains or areas that require particular attention. Ensure your carpet is dry before moving it back into a room after cleaning.