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New England Elm City Lager

date of tasting: 5-11-2013
place of tasting: Barley Vine – Bristol, CT
beer: Elm City Lager
brewery: New England Brewing Co.
brewery location: Woodbridge, Connecticut
type: Lager
style: Pilsner
abv: 5.0
glass: mug w/appearance test in the tasting glass
the temperature of beer: 45F

Appearance: pours a thick rich head, color is like looking into a crisp and refreshing haystack

Smell: good evening Germania. Something about the smell of pilsner makes me feel like I’m laying on a checkerboard blanket somewhere in the rolling hills of Germany with a bratwurst in one hand a pretzel in the other and one of those beer hats with the readily accessible straws for easy drinking on my head.

Taste: there is a pile of fresh-cut Kentucky bluegrass mixed in with hay and sprinkled with a touch of kumquat bitter rind and all.

Mouthfeel: rich, creamy, somewhat heavy. very smooth, it coats my tongue and the roof of my mouth like Pepto Bismol.

Overall Impression: love this rendition of a pilsner. A little lighter in that sparkling hoppiness, I am used to in Pilsner, but I really enjoy it.

Food Pairings: bratwurst, pretzel w/IPA mustard, kielbasa, a grilled mortadella sandwich on crusty Italian bread with mayo and a pickle, Golabki, pasta with blueberry sauce.

Back East Imperial IPA

date of tasting: 5-9-2013
place of tasting: Barley Vine – Bristol, CT
beer: Back East Imperial IPA
brewery: Back East Brewing
brewery location: Bloomfield, CT
type: Ale
style: Imperial IPA
abv: 9.5%
IBU: ?
glass: mug w/appearance test in the tasting glass
the temperature of beer: 50F

Appearance: cloudy (it is unfiltered) Ipswitch pine in color. Frothy loosehead with little to no visible carbonation.

Smell: piney hops, I’m struggling to get anything non-traditional out of this. It is exactly the hoppy alcoholic spice smell you would expect from an Imperial IPA

Taste: I’m picturing really dark rich pine cones dancing on a plate of vanilla cream with pear brandy drizzled on top

Mouthfeel: like a silky smooth skinned voluptuous redhead with a penchant for sharp studded collars

Overall Impression: a damn solid IPA, the alcohol is strong in this one but creeps up on you like the drunken master (love that movie btw)

Food Pairings: breaded fried cheddar cheese, rich carrot cake, gingerbread men (or women if that’s your thang, grilled pear salad with goat cheese and cumin toasted walnuts