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The Health Risks if Septic Tank Inspections Fail

It is a known fact that almost 80% of infectious diseases are related to water. Diarrhea-like diseases caused by contaminated water kills millions of children every year all over the world. After going through all these facts, you can easily imagine the extent of health risks you will have to face if your septic tank inspection fails. In this write-up we are going to discuss some of the health problems you can face in such unhygienic conditions. But to avoid any health risks, it is better to seek for a professional help, visit here for more information.

Some of the health risks caused by failure of septic tank inspection

Infestation of hazardous bacteria in ground water: Your septic tank system contributes by putting wastewater into the ground that can contaminate the ground water if your system is not working well. This wastewater will add lots of hazardous elements to the groundwater including viruses, parasites, and bacteria.

This groundwater is used in our day-to-day lives in different ways including drinking and recreational purposes like swimming pools etc. This rapid infestation of bacteria etc. can cause a number of health problems including infections.

  • Respiratory and other infections: Fungi grown sewage sludge can cause various types of infections including infection in eyes, skin and respiratory system.
  • Wastewater related diseases: Bacterial infestation in ground water can cause a number of diseases related to contaminated water like paratyphoid, typhoid, gastroenteritis, cholera and bacillary dysentery etc.
  • Abdominal infections: Bacteria infected ground water can also cause infection in intestine and stomach which in turn can cause diarrhea, headache, fever, abdominal cramps, vomiting and nausea etc. The symptoms of these problems can be seen clearly within few hour or few days after ingestion of contaminated water, depending upon the level of its contamination.
  • Viral diseases: Wastewater can provide suitable environment to the viruses to be hostile and cause hundreds of viral diseases like polio, hepatitis A and gastroenteritis etc.
  • Diseases caused by contaminated parasites: Wastewater contains various types of parasites like parasitic worms and protozoans. These protozoans can increase their volume in your body when ingested by drinking contaminated water. They can cause various health problems including amoebiasis or amoebic dysentery and mild to severe diarrhea etc. Parasitic worms found in untreated contaminated water are commonly known as roundworms and tapeworms which are ingested while drinking untreated water.
  • Dehydration: Most of the diseases caused by the use of untreated contaminated water cause mild to severe dehydration and usually affected children and elderly people the most.

Ways to prevent diseases caused by failure of septic tank inspection

At first you will have to prevent the infestation of harmful elements that are polluting the groundwater. In fact the best way to protect the environment and your health is to preserve the sources of water used by the community for drinking and recreation. The tips provided here can help in avoiding the use of contaminated water.

  • Regular inspection, maintenance and pumping of septic tank system
  • Ask for a flowery branch septic tank service if you are located there
  • Water conservation at home level
  • Keep the flow of surface water away from septic tank
  • Avoid driving heavy equipment or vehicle over septic tank
  • Plant short rooted green vegetation or grassy strip between shoreline and septic system.